Advisory from CPC (TDS) regarding spurious emails

CPC (TDS) has released an advisory communication to all deductors and taxpayers regarding spurious email. CPC (TDS) has advised them to maintain strong Password for User account at TRACES and must not share the User ID / Password with any unauthorized user.

The released communication has been given below:

Dear Deductor/ Taxpayer

This is to inform that a few emails received by the Deductors and Taxpayers have been brought to the attention of the Centralized Processing Cell (TDS), which claim to have been originated from CPC (TDS) and may have been triggered by the sender of those emails with a mala fide intent.

To avoid any inconvenience or loss that may be caused to you, please take note of the following important facts:

CPC (TDS) NEVER sends any communication to the Deductors or Taxpayers suggesting:

  • Sharing of User ID or Password of your user accounts with TRACES.
  • Automatic deduction of Tax from Deductors’ or Taxpayers’ respective bank accounts.
  • Closure of TDS Defaults through means other than established institutionalized processes of Online or Offline Corrections

Please exercise utmost caution while dealing with mails which appear to be dubious or fallacious. You may connect to us through the contact details shared on TRACES website in case of any doubt.

You are advised to maintain strong Password for your User account at TRACES and must not share the User ID / Password with any unauthorized user. Please note that CPC (TDS) does not maintain your Passwords in its system and you can reset the same through TRACES by using “Forgot Password” utility at TRACES.

Responsible Person for Deductor TAN, using Digital Signature Certificate at TRACES, must not share the Private Key with others.

CPC (TDS) is committed to provide best possible services to you.


Avail the Benefit of Intermediate Default Communications and Avoid Intimations from CPC (TDS)

Dear Deductor,

As you may be aware by now that the Centralized Processing Cell (TDS) is informing you of PAN and Challan Errors, through an Intermediate Communication, during processing of Original Quarterly TDS Statements, before Defaults are finally computed and Intimations are generated.

On receipt of the above communication, you are encouraged to take corrective action within 7 days of receipt of such communication. With this, you will be able to avoid PAN Errors and Intimations from CPC (TDS) on account of Short Payment and Short Deduction Defaults in the relevant TDS Statement.

Central point of the process:

  • Identify errors in PANs or Challans in preliminary check, owing to inadvertent Data Entry errors
  • Facilitate their corrections before CPC (TDS) computes defaults in TDS statements
  • You are notified of the Defaults through the Intermediate Default communication by way of the following:
    • e-mail at the Registered e-mail address at TRACES
    • SMS at Registered Mobile Number with TRACES
    • Message will be delivered to the Deductor’s Inbox in TRACES
  • The above correction needs to be carried out by using Online Correction feature at TRACES after 24 hours of the receipt of the Intermediate Communication and must be availed within 7 days of receipt of such communication.

What are the advantages:

  • You would have information of PAN and Challan Errors, before the Original Statement is completely processed for Defaults and Intimations are generated.
  • Correction to above errors using Online Correction can be submitted before final processing of statements and you will be able to avoid Short Payment and Short Deduction Defaults.
  • Saves your Administrative Costs, as above action will facilitate avoidance of multiple Correction Statement filing later, after the defaults are identified CPC (TDS) and Intimations have been sent.
  • Help your Deductees to get Correct Tax Credit in their 26AS statements, at the earliest opportunity.
  • Save Paper, Save Environment! The life of One crucial tree can be saved by avoiding use of 8,000 sheets of paper. Avoidance of Intimations from CPC (TDS) resulting into savings in respect of paper, printing and postage costs. This also supports the “Green Initiatives” of CPC (TDS).

What actions to be taken:

  • Please use the Intelligence, Simplicity and Convenience of Online Correction facility at TRACES to correct errors notified through the communication.
  • Online Correction facility provides ease of convenience and can be availed on anytime anywhere basis by Logging into TRACES. Online Correction is a quick and easy way for closure of Defaults in TDS Statements and correcting PAN/ Challan Errors.
  • All relevant information at the portal is pre-populated along with flags for incorrect entries, which assists in avoidance of further Data Entry errors by the user

You are also encouraged to avail full benefits of Online Corrections and you can access thee-tutorial at TRACES.

CPC (TDS) is committed to provide best possible services to you.