CPC(TDS) – Solutions to common enquiries

TRACES has several easy-to-use, online e-Tutorials and FAQs that can be effectively used to get ready answers to your questions.

Following are some of the most common reasons deductors enquire or call TRACES:

What is the status of processing of statements?

  • CPC(TDS) is glad to inform that the peak load of statement processing has already been taken care of.
  • The status of processing of statements can be checked in your Dashboard after you login to TRACES.
  • Please wait for 4 days after the statements have been filed before reaching CPC(TDS) with an enquiry on the above.

Having issues with downloading of TDS Certificates/ Consolidated Files?

  • If you are unable to submit request for downloading of TDS Certificates or Conso Files, please first check the status of processing of relevant statements. You will be able to submit requests only after the statement has been processed.
  • Please check the correctness of KYC information for submitting download requests to ensure successful submission of the request.
  • TRACES is currently experiencing huge volume of requests for download of TDS Certificates. However, they are being made available within a day of submission of request. Please wait for 24 hours before reaching out to CPC(TDS) with an enquiry.
  • Please refer to our e-Tutorials for detailed assistance on downloading TDS Certificates.
  • To convert form 16/Form 16A in pdf format, PDF generation utility is required 
  • For downloading Consolidated files, the e-Tutorial can be referred.

Have a problem in password required for various process at TDSCPC?

  • Click here to Check password for consolidated file, form 26AS, Form 16, Form 16A, Justification report

Have a query related to Intimations sent by CPC(TDS)?

  • Please download the Justification Report to view the details of Defaults in the TDS Statements.
  • Please refer to the e-Tutorial for detailed assistance.

Have a query related to Registration/Login?

  • Please submit correct KYC information for Registration/ Login. Please refer to our e-Tutorialfor assistance.
  • You are requested to wait for an hour, if the Account is locked due to incorrect password. Please retrieve a fresh password and the detailed procedure is specified in the e-Tutorial.
  • If you need assistance for User ID, the e-Tutorial can be referred for detailed steps.
  • Please use both the Activation Codes sent on the Registered Mobile Number and e-mail address for the purpose of successful activity.

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