New Changes In eTDS Data Software for F.Y. 2013-2014 version 11.0.13

  • Without PAN Deductees and Employees will be shown in ORANGE color in Deductee and Employee Master.
  • Added PAN verification button, In Deductee and Employee Master which take you to Traces Website for PAN Verification link.
  • Provision to enter Yes or No, in computation for Tax Deducted at higher rate due to non furnishing of PAN by deductee (20%).
  • In Salary Challan Entry, by default higher rate 20% “PANNOTAVBL  C“ for employee without having pan.
  • 80TTA  Section Bank Interest is incorporated in Employee Computation
  • Provision for Pervious  Employee Taxable Salary and TDS deduction in Employee Computation
  • In e-Returns screen, Statistics can be viewed like With PAN, Without PAN, Total Salary and non salary statistics / Challan summary.
  • Tick mark for Employees with PANNOTAVBL and TDS not deducted @ higher rate 20%  / Non taxable employee.
  • On e-Returns screen, after successful validation, its shows if Pan Statistics and Warning file is generated.
  • Remote support on Navigation screen
  • Traces shortcut on the menu bar
  • New data entry Screen of Deductee and employee master as well as computation
  • Database compact and repair implemented which will automatically clean unwanted data and reduces size of the database file.
  • Creation of new-year option on Login screen.
  • Its mandatory to specify “Yes” for employees with PANNOTAVBL and whose tax has been deducted at higher rate 20%, this option is provided in computation, if its skipped by the user then it shows in e-returns. 
  • Minor bug fix.

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