What should you do after filing of Q1 & Q2?

Back up of Files
          Deductor should take back-up of all the files generated after successful filing of E TDS return, more importantly back up of *.fvu file ( upload file ). *.fvu is the file which eventually is filed with the ITD through TIN FC. If the tds return is required to be revised at a later date, *.fvu file is required for making the necessary corrections.

Status Verification Of E-Tds Return Furnished To Tin

  • This enquiry can be made by going to ‘TAX PAYERS VIEW’ on website of NSDL.
  • Enter TAN and Provisional Receipt Number (PRN) of the return for which the status needs to be verified.
  • These views are available only for e-TDS/TCS return for F.Y. 2005-06 and onwards.
  • You can verify the information without any other authentication. In this case no financial information will be displayed.
Following enquiries can be made at this site.
  1. Whether quarterly returns have been uploaded to TIN central system by TIN-FC.
  2. Whether quarterly returns have been accepted by TIN central system.
  3. Whether challans in returns have been matched with challans uploaded by banks.
  4. Number of deductees whose PAN accounts have been booked.
  5. Line no. of deductees in returns whose PAN accounts could not be booked.
  6. Confirm whether a specific PAN account has been booked.

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