Lost your PAN card? Don’t worry, apply online.

New Delhi:  PAN card or Permanent Account Number card is an essential document for most us, not just for the purpose of filing tax returns but many of us, use it as a form of identification, as well. So, it goes without saying that losing your PAN card can leave you feeling tensed and restless. But, there’s no reason to fret, as getting a reprint or a new card, in case you never had one, is as easy as a click of a button.

Here are the steps to apply for a PAN card online:

Visit the website of the Income Tax Pan Services Unit. This can be visited at https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/pan/

This is the home page of the Income Tax PAN Services unit and has different choices such as application for a new PAN, Enquiry and Tracking status, Reprint of PAN card and changes or correction in the PAN details. The applicant must choose the option which is applicable to him.

    To apply for a new PAN, Form 49A will need to be used. Form 49A can be filled online by visiting the above mentioned website. Fill in the details and submit the form online.

    After the form is submitted online successfully, an acknowledgement is displayed. This shows a unique 15 digit acknowledgement number. This acknowledgement must be saved and printed for further process.

    The acknowledgement form must be sent to the Income Tax department. Before sending this, you will need to attach a few documents along with the acknowledgment form. This includes a proof of address and a proof of identity. Your name which is mentioned in these documents should be in the same format as that in the PAN application form. Take care of this at the time of filling in Form 49A.

    You must also affix two recent colour photographs on the acknowledgment form in the applicable space. Signatures have to be made where indicated. The photograph you affix should be clear and recent, as this is the same photograph which will be used on your PAN card.

    Application for PAN necessitates payment of Rs.96 if the communication address is within India. In this case, you can make the payment by one of the following methods – cheque, Demand Draft, internet banking, credit card or debit card. If the communication address is outside the country, then the amount to be paid is Rs. 962, and this is only in the form of a demand draft. In the case of payment by internet banking, by credit card or by debit card, the payment has to be made at the time of filling in the form, after which a payment acknowledgement will be given. Take a print of this and attach with the acknowledgement form.

    The acknowledgement form must thus be accompanied by photographs, proof of address, proof of identification and the payment/payment proof as the case may be. This must be sent to NSDL in Pune within 15 days of the online application date. The envelope must be subscribed with the words ‘APPLICATION FOR PAN – Acknowledgement Number’. The applications are processed at NSDL after receipt of payment – meaning if the payment has been made by means of a demand draft or cheque, you must wait for realization of the payment.

    The steps above are simple and self-explanatory. There are adequate instructions, guidelines and a list of Do’s and Don’ts in the website which will guide you in every step of the PAN application process. The application status can be tracked online after the acknowledgement has been sent. Online payments made can also be tracked online. NSDL also offers the facility of tracking by writing to them at their address or by sending an SMS to 57575 by typing SMS NSDLPAN Acknowledgement No.

    The process of changing or correcting the details of your existing PAN card is similar to the process of applying for a new PAN card. At the home page of the Income Tax PAN Services Unit, you will need to select “Changes or Correction in PAN details”. Fill in the PAN Change Request Form online and follow the steps above. This PAN change request section also has separate guidelines, instructions and Do’s and Don’ts to help you. – See more at: http://gsoftnet.blogspot.in/2013/10/lost-your-pan-card-dont-worry-apply.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed:+blogspot/qrIv+(Gsoftnet)#sthash.SD8KpEda.dpuf

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