PDF Convertor Utility NEW Ver.(1.2L) to generate Form-16/16A For A.Y. 2013-14 from TRACES.

It is observed from the new https://www.tdscpc.gov.in (TRACES) that TDS Dedeductor have face the problem when they generate Form 16/16A in bulk form i.e. more than 1000 then the TDSCertificate or Form 16/16A at a time therefore Income Tax Department advised to All Deductors  to download PDFConverter Utility V1.2L again. This new version will works on or after 23rd March, 2013.  The TDS Deductor/Deductee candownload TDS Certificate (Form 16 (Part A) and Form 16A) from TRACES. The file will be provided in text format and will containcertificate details for all requested PANs.Text file is password protected and password will be ”.

A certificate is prescribed u/s 203, which is to be issued by person deducting tax at source. Every person deducting tax is duty bound to furnish this certificate to the person from whose income/payment the tax has been deducted. The certificate should specify the amount of tax deducted and rate at which it is deducted (Form No. 16A, under Rule 31) and other particulars prescribed. A new form 16A has been introduced w.e.f. from 1/4/2010 vide Income-tax (6th Amendment) Rule, 2010(Pl. Ref. Annexure – 4). The new Rule 31 introduced vide I.T. (6th Amendment) Rules provides the following with respect to certificate of deduction of tax.

Deductor will have to convert the text file into PDF using TRACES PDF Generation Utility. This utility will convert the text file into individual PDFs for each PAN. The same utility can be used to convert text file for Form 16 / 16A

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