FVU 3.8 : Key changes effective July 2013

NSDL has released FVU version 3.8 effective July 1,2013. There are some important changes in the data structure of eTDS statement. Several new fields have been added,  few fields removed effective FY 2013-14 .

Major changes and data structure amendments are explained in this blog.

Challan Amount Allocation

  • Till now Section code was mentioned in the Challan sheet and deductee sheet only had reference of the challan. Hence all dedcutee records pertaining to a particular challan number were considered belonging to section code of the challan.
  • This posed problem for deductors who had combined two or more sections while depositing challans. While a workaround to take care of this situation was available, it was difficult for deductors to comprehend and put into practice.
  • Now there is no need to mention Section Code in the challan sheet and the same has been shifted to deductee sheet.
  • This means that a challan amount deposited can be allocated to deductees belonging to different section codes. The only restriction being those sections must be valid for that particular form. Hence a section code pertaining to Form 27Q cannot be mentioned in Form 26Q

Income and Tax deducted by Previous Employers in Salary Details

One of the main deficiency in data structure so far no place to mention tax deducted by previous employer. This was a cause of confusion for employers as they were supposed to consider tax deducted by previous employer while computing tax deductible , but no place to mention the same in eTDS Statement. This has been addressed now by incorporating the following fields in Q4 Form 24Q

  • Reported Taxable Amount on which tax is deducted by previous employer(S)
  • Reported amount of Tax deducted at source by previous employer(s)/deductor(s)

Discontinuation of “Y” type correction.

  • So far a regular statement filed can be cancelled by filing a Y type of correction statement.
  • This is being discontinued now. Hence a regular statement once filed cannot be cancelled

Discontinuation of quarterly TDS/TCS statements (regular and correction) pertaining to FY 2005-06 and 2006-07.

  • Currently there was no time limit for filing regular or correction statements.
  • Now no regular statement  or correction statement for FY 2005-06 and 2006-07 can be filed.
  • This means a deductor can still file regular and correction statements for past 6 years i.e  2008-09 to 2012-13

Other Changes : Common across all forms

 Deductors Details

Additional details to be provided

  • TAN Registration Number
  • Alternate Phone number and email ID of deductor
  • Alternate Phone number and email ID of Responsible Person
  • Accounts Office Identification Number in case of Governement Deductors

Challan Details

  • The following fields are not to be mentioned starting Financial Year 2013-14
    • Section Code
    • Cheque / DD Number
  • Total amount deposited as per challan has to be in rupee, no paise allowed
  • A new field for entering  fee paid in terms of Section 234E is introduced. Applicable for FY 2012-13 onwards
  • A new field for entering Minor head of challan . Valid for FY 2013-14 onwards and mandatory

Deductee Details

  • A new field to enter “Deductee Reference Number “ where PAN is not available
  • Book Entry / Cash indicator is to be given only upto FY 2012-13
  • Section Code is to be mentioned for each deductee starting FY 2013-14
  • Certificate Number issued by the AO under section 197 for non-deduction / lower deduction is to be mentioned

Other Changes : Form Specific

Form 24Q : Salary Details

New fields added

  • Taxable Amount on which tax is deducted by the current employer
  • Reported Taxable Amount on which tax is deducted by previous employer(S)
  • Total Amount of tax deducted at source by the current employer for the whole year [aggregate of the amount in column 323 of Annexure I for all the four quarters in respect of each employee]
  • Reported amount of Tax deducted at source by previous employer(s)/deductor(s) (income in respect of which included in computing total taxable income in column 344)
  • Whether tax deducted at Higher rate due to non furnishing of PAN by deductee

Section code changes

Nature of Payment Section Section code to be used in the return
Payments made to Govt. employees other than Union Govt. employees 192 92A
Payments made to employees other than Govt. employees 192 92B
Payments made to Union Govt. employees.Applicable from for statement pertaining to FY 2013-14 onwards. 192 92C

Form 26Q

Bifurcation to be given in respect of deduction under section 194I

Nature of Payment Section Section code to be used in the return
Payments in respect of use of any machinery or plant or equipment; 194I ( a) 41A
Payments in respect of use of any land or building 194I ( b) 41B
  • Reason for lower/Nil Deduction : In case of no deduction on account of payment under section 197A (1F), applicable from FY 2013-14 onwards, ‘Z’ is to be mentioned.

Form 27Q : Deductee Details

New fields introduced

  • if TDS Rate is as per income-tax Act or DTAA :  Enter A : If TDS rate is as per Income Tax Act   or B : If TDS rate is as per DTAA
  •  Nature of remittance as per given 66 codes
  •  Country to which remittance made as per given 286 codes
  •  Unique Acknowledgement Number of Form 15CA , if available

Form 27EQ : Deductee Details

If there is non collection in terms  section 206c(1A) , update  flag ‘B’ in the field “Reason for lower/non-deduction”

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